The school of ministry for me was indeed a training ground. I was able to learn and apply so much. My life hasn’t been the same. The way pastor PK and every teacher was able to teach and break down the word was amazing. It’s a must attend if you really want to grow! It’s definitely a life changing experience and school.
Aramide Ojebode.
I had the privilege of attending the SOM last summer (2019) with Pastor PK, and I must say it became a definitive point in my life. The school allowed me to build not only my understand of scripture, but it also opened my eyes to looking beyond myself and taking the charge of expanding the kingdom of God as a key priority. I think a lot of time as Christians, and not wrongly, we are only focused on our individual growth, but we tend to forget that we didn’t receive salvation for just that reason alone, we are all “ministers” in the kingdom and have a responsibility to exercise kingdom dominion over the world systems and bring people into the kingdom as well so that they could further push the kingdom forward. The school also helped me understand my place in Christ and the authority I have in Christ and the power and influence that is available to me in Christ. All these lessons have helped me become more open to being used by God for the works that He wants to do on the earth. It’s helped me become more passionate, intentional and effective about soul winning.
Efe Ogolo
I enrolled in C-MAN School of Ministry to experience God in a higher dimension and to also build my walk with God. Before I started, I was passionate about having an in-depth knowledge and understanding my identity in Christ but my passionate grew stronger and a great fire of revival was kindled in me by the end of the class because of the lessons I learnt and how independent PK want us to be in our walk with God. Now, I live daily with a great sense of purpose and identity in Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to be taught the word of God through CMAN - School of Ministry.
Abigael Akintola